Trauma Workshop Card Set
September 28, 2016
Annual Review 2016
January 15, 2017

The Healing Power of Pain

‘Sterker worden waar het pijn doet’ translates as ‘Becoming stronger at the broken places’, it’s a book on trauma, based on solid research and packed with stories, exercises, poems and illustrations inviting the reader into hiw or her own life story.

The english translation also contains the 50 illustration made in the Kontur studio, but is available in black and white as print-on-demand on Amazon only. The lay-out is simpler, nevertheless is shortly reached the top of the Beststellers list.

Text by Ybe Casteleyn. Poems by the talented Jill Marchant. Lay-out by Norma Mardi of Visuality. Published by Samsara Books in Amsterdam. First edition self-published thanks to over 100 crowd-funding supporters ♥.

Kontur Atelier, Heidelberg

Marker and aquarell on paper