Kontur works, facilitates and leads change

empowered by visuals.

We create clarity and a clear outline for your project.
Kontur [german, f ] stands for outline, contour, shape.

From book illustrations and learning materials to strategic visuals and live graphic recording on your next conference: we’ve got you covered.

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work with us

We take pride in finding tailored solutions for our clients in Europe’s capital Brussels and the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar, the home of our small, but excellent office.

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Graphic Recording is the craft of drawing live in order to visually record ideas, lectures and talks. This helps to remember their essence more deeply and opens up a way to reflect and discuss. In addition it creates an eye-catching documentation.

For Conferences, Events, Participation Processes & Festivals.

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We’re masters at visual storytelling. Together we’ll find the right image to convey your message with clarity and beauty.  From book illustrations and learning materials to strategic visuals for your workplace: we’ve got you covered.

For everyone who knows a picture is worth a thousand words.

training seed weiterbildung samen keimling


With over a decade of experience in meeting facilitation, we’ll bring your gathering to the next level. Focus on your content, while we support the preparations, hold space, introduce participatory methods and make sure all voices are heard.

For Leaders and Changemakers bringing people together.

learn with us

We train and teach teams, coaches and professionals how to use visuals for more impact and ease, at work and in meetings.

mentor one on one flower coaching


In this two hour session you’ll gain powerful visual skills, discover your own unique style, get personal feedback and boost your confidence in using visuals at work. Treat yourself to a playful, multifaceted and profound learning experience.

One-on-One in Heidelberg, Mannheim or online.

full day full flower bouquet blumen weiterbildung visualisieren team training workshop


Stretching from half a day to three days, we’ll dive into working visually with your team. We draw from an array of practical exercises, useful frameworks and years of experience to make you shine at presenting, meeting, working and leading the way with visuals.

For Teams in Brussels and the metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar.


Our learning journeys are designed for your team(s) to grow together and deepen your understanding of how you collaborate, co-create and shape what lies ahead. Starting from your strengths and  needs, we’ll practice, teach and share the foundations of our work.

For Organisations in Belgium and South-Germany.

affairs of the heart

We’ve specialized in creating refined visuals on delicate topics such as trauma, pain and grief with nature as an infinite source of solace and inspiration.

planeetpijn boek buch book



For all bookworms out there.

grief facilitation rouwbegeleiding trauerbegleitung



For Authors, Coaches, Therapists and Everyone, that can appreciate a painting well done.

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For Therapists, Doula’s, Councellors and Everyone, helping other people.

foundations of our work

We’re connected to a wide woven network of learning communities both online, on land and in local commons. We don’t believe in getting bigger. We believe in getting more connected.

Art of Hosting & Harvesting

The Art of Hosting is an approach to leadership that scales up from the personal to the systemic using personal practice, dialogue, facilitation and the co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges. In full lenght it reads the Art of Hosting and Harvesting conversations that matter and offers a wide framework for anyone interested in participatory leadership.

verbindungskultur kompass circlewise ritual kompass grief compass

Ritual Work & Grief Facilitation

Rituals can have a transformative power in our everyday actions as well as when everything seems to fall apart, when we grieve and loose what we love. They connect us to what is more-than-human and allow us to dive deep into the mystery and magic of being alive. Our understanding of ritual and grief work is shaped by the circlewise institute.


If you would like to book us to teach, talk or present on any of the topics above, feel free to get in touch.

permaculture flower areas

Permaculture Design

Permaculture is a whole systems design approach based on learning from ecosystems, mimicking nature and co-creating a future-proof culture on earth. Originally applied in the field of agriculture, it is now widely used to design living systems, be it a garden, an organisation or your own inner landscape.